Purdue University Global Online Professional Flight Program

American Flight Schools Is the Official Flight Training Affiliate of Purdue University Global

Launch Your Aviation Career With Purdue University Global And American Flight Schools.  Are you ready to realize your dream of becoming a commercial pilot? Take the first step and earn your online bachelor’s degree in professional flight at Purdue University Global.

This degree program gives you a broad perspective of the aviation industry, from understanding your aircraft to managing aviation operations. All of your degree’s required courses in aviation and general education are 100% online, giving you flexibility to balance your studies and flight training with your life, while all in-person flight instruction is conducted at one of our locations.

The bachelor’s degree plan of study, curriculum, and courses have been developed in collaboration with Purdue’s legendary School of Aviation and Transportation Technology, whose renowned alumni have been part of every major achievement in aviation and aeronautics for more than 100 years.

Online Bachelor of Science in Professional Flight

Are you ready to become a professional pilot or flight instructor? Take the first step and earn an online aviation degree at Purdue University Global.

Fly From Day One

Begin flying immediately in term 1. Flexible one-on-one training lets you determine the best schedule to fit your needs, and the online curriculum gives you added flexibility.

Already have flight experience? You could be eligible to receive credit toward your aviation degree, saving you even more time and money.

Whatever your aviation experience level, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in professional flight at Purdue Global equips you for success with the knowledge, licenses, and ratings you need to compete for positions as a commercial airline pilot or flight instructor.

Program Certifications

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Professional Flight, you will have earned the following industry certifications:

  • Private Pilot Flight Certification
  • Instrument Rating Certification
  • Commercial Pilot Flight Certification
  • Certified Flight Instructor Certification (CFI)
  • Multiengine Flight Certification (ME)

Once you complete flight school training in term 8, you’ll be qualified to work as a flight instructor while still pursuing your goal to become a commercial pilot. Networking with aviation professionals along the way can help you achieve your career goals.

If you’ve been dreaming of a life in the skies, Purdue University Global and American Flight Schools can get you there.