Rotor Transition Training

Private ASEL Rating


Start with your Private ASEL to gain Airplane PIC privileges and the ability to time build with others.

Instrument Rating


Add your instrument rating to your ASEL prior to multi-engine training, so you can include the instrument approach on your commercial MEL
checkride (saving you from an additional checkride).

Commercial ASEL Rating


Earn your Commercial ASEL after initial training and time building. This allows you to save money by completing the long commercial cross-countries in a single-engine airplane.

Commercial Multi-Engine Rating


With an ASEL commercial pilot certificate you can add your multi-engine rating in as little as 5 days. This allows you to share time as you work towards the 25 hours multi-engine required for your ATP.

Why choose American Flight Schools for your Rotor Transition Training?

Experience the thrill of flying in the mountains, the challenge of high-altitude operations, and the chance to experience culture while earning your fixed-wing certificates.

When you train at any of our locations, you gain valuable experience flying into and out of some of the busiest airports and airspace in the country. This allows you to increase your ATC communications skills and gain the confidence behind the mic you need as a professional pilot.

Train like a professional with one of our friendly and experienced flight instructors in our full motion Redbird FMX flight simulator and well-maintained fleet of aircraft. All of our multi-engine aircraft are Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) equipped with the latest Garmin G1000 avionics suite.

Onsite maintenance staff are available, should the airplane need attention.

While structured, our accelerated training courses are tailored to each individual and customizable to your personal needs. Our highly qualified instructors take the time to get to know you as an individual, assess your skills, and help you gain the knowledge and proficiency to succeed in your fixed-wing flying.

Single-Engine Training Aircraft

American Flight Schools locations offer Cessna, Diamond, and Piper training aircraft with both “round dial” and G1000 options available. Prices start at $94/hr wet.

Multi-Engine Training Aircraft

Choose from the sleek Tecnam P2006T or the Diamond DA42 Twinstar, along with our full motion Redbird FMX flight simulator, to create a more in-depth training environment at a lower cost. Our courses go beyond the FAA requirements to give you the most comprehensive and fun multi-engine program in the country!


Private Pilot Single-Engine Land Certificate ( 17.7hrs Dual, 11.2hrs PIC, 5hrs PIC XC, 4.1hrs sim Instrument if
with CFII, 36hrs w/Instructor)

Day 1 – 3 hrs aircraft and 6 hrs CFI
Airplane Single-Engine Land Aeronautical Knowledge Areas 61.105(B) & Flight Proficiency Areas 61.107

Day 2 – 3 hrs aircraft and 6 hrs with CFI (1.0 hrs Instrument Training Time, if with a CFII)
Finish Training Airplane Single-Engine Land Aeronautical Knowledge Areas 61.105(B) & Flight Proficiency Areas 61.107,

Day 3 – 1.2 hrs aircraft and 4 hrs with CFI
Solo Stage Check

Day 4 – 3 hrs aircraft and 5 hrs CFI
Solo/ Review of any deficient flight and ground areas or work on private maneuvers to ACS standards

Day 5- 3 hrs aircraft and 5 hrs CFI (3hr XC, 3 hrs night, 2 hrs Sim. Inst. if with CFII)
XC and Night Ground Training and Flight with 10 FS night landings

Day 6- 5 hrs aircraft
Solo time building, Including: a long cross-country not less than 150NM total distance, 50NM from departure airport with landings at a minimum of 3 airports.

Day 7- 5 hrs aircraft
Finish requirements for 10 hrs solo flight including 5 hours XC and long XC.

Day 8- 3 hrs aircraft and 6hrs CFI (.6 hrs Sim Instrument)
Review for Final Stage Check

Day 9- 1.5 hrs aircraft and 4 hrs CFI (.3 hrs Sim Instrument)
Final Stage Check

Day 10- Weather Day

Day 11- Checkride with an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (1.2 hrs PIC, .2 hrs Sim Instrument)
Private Single-Engine Land Checkride


Add-on Airplane Single-Engine Land Instrument Rating (14.5hrs Dual, 15.7hrs PIC, 12.7hrs Sim Instrument,
7hrs PIC XC, 28hrs w/Instructor): 61.65(B)&(D)

*pilot must already possess Rotor Instrument Rating*

Day 1 – 3 hours aircraft and 6 hours CFI. (2.6hrs Instrument Training Time)
Review and preform Instrument airplane knowledge areas and instrument practical flight areas 61.65(B)&(D), Part 91 Regs, GPS & WAAS.

Day 2- 3 hours aircraft and 6 hours CFI. (3.0hrs XC PIC, 2.6hrs Instrument Training Time)
XC Instrument Training

Day 3 – 4 hours aircraft and 6 hours CFI (4.0 hrs XC PIC, 3.6 hrs Instrument Training Time)
Long instrument XC a 250 NM cross-country flight along airways or ATC routing with an instrument approach at each airport and 3 different approaches and 100NM’s from departure airport

Day 4 – 3 hours aircraft and 6 hours CFI. (2.6hrs Instrument Training Time)
Review, preform, and fix Instrument airplane knowledge areas and instrument practical flight areas 61.65(B)&(D) in preparation for the stage check and checkride.

Day 5 – 1.5 hours aircraft and 4 hours CFI. (1.3hrs Instrument Training Time)
Instrument ASEL Stage Check.

Day 6- Checkride with an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. (1.2hrs flight time)
– Must have total of 15 hours Instrument Training with an Instrument-Airplane Instructor*


Initial Commercial Single-Engine Land Rating (15.5hrs dual, 24.3hrs PIC, 11hrs PIC XC, 29hrs w/Instructor): 61.125(b)& 61.127(b)(1)

*must use Complex or TAA for 10 hours of training.*

Day 1 – 3 hours Complex/TAA aircraft and 6 hours CFI
Complex Aircraft/ TAA Aircraft Systems & Commercial Maneuvers.

Day 2 – 3 hours Complex/TAA aircraft and 6 hours CFI
Commercial Pilot Privileges and Limitations & Commercial Maneuvers continued.

Day 3 – 5 hrs Complex/TAA aircraft and 7 hrs CFI (2.5hrs Night)
(Day and Night Dual XC). Day long XC of at least 2hours and 100NM from departure airport, fly back at night to meet night long XC commercial requirement on the way home for training in complex aircraft.

Day 4 – 6 hrs aircraft
Long 300NM Solo or PIC XC, 250 straight-line (cannot count as complex/TAA training time)

Day 6 – 3 hours aircraft and 6 hours CFI.
Review and Practice ASEL Commercial Checkride Review All areas: Aeronautical Knowledge Areas 61.105(B) & Flight Proficiency Areas 61.107

Day 7 – 1.5 hours aircraft and 4 hours CFI Commercial ASEL Stage Check
-Plus- 1.6 hours PIC Airplane needed prior to checkride to meet 50 hr PIC Airplane requirement

Day 8 – Checkride with an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. (1.2hrs flight time)
*Must meet commercial airplane requirements outlined on 61.129*


Add-On Commercial Multi-Engine Rating (11hrs Dual, 1.2hrs PIC, 20hrs w/Instructor) 61.125(b) & 61.127(b)(2)

Day 1 – 3 hrs aircraft and 6 hrs CFI.
Multi-engine aerodynamics, One Engine Inop (OEI) aerodynamics and operations, multi-engine systems and operations, basic flight maneuvers. (add 1.0 hrs dual flight simulator time for pilots with no G1000 avionics experience)

Day 2 – 3 hrs aircraft and 5 hrs CFI.
Abnormal and emergency operations, emergency descents, maximum performance operations, performance takeoffs/landings, single-engine operations, VMC demo.

Day 3 – 3 hrs aircraft and 5 hrs CFI (2.5hrs Night)
Review and preform Knowledge Areas 61.125(b) and Areas of Operation 61.127(b)(2) to ACS standards

Day 4 – 2 hrs aircraft and 4 hrs CFI
Final stage check – systems, single-engine operations, normal and emergency procedures. VMC demo, review of normal and emergency maneuvers. Paperwork completion.

Day 5 – Checkride with an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. (1.2hrs flight time)


*Following the above hour totals pilots should finish program with 52.4 hours PIC Airplane*

Candidates will need to build 197.6 additional hours PIC airplane after earning their certificates.

During time building pilots must include:

  • 20 additional hours Airplane Night PIC (5hrs PIC night gained during commercial training, it is possible to credit up to 25 night landings)
  • 77 additional hours Airplane XC PIC (23hrs PIC XC gained during training)
  • 12.8 additional hours Multi-Engine (12.2 hrs PIC AMEL gained during training)


  • $94-149/hr(wet) Single-Engine Aircraft
  • $269-299/hr (wet) Multi-Engine Aircraft
  • $55-75/hr Instructor Fee
  • $700 DPE Fee for each Checkride

*Prices vary between location. Contact Us for a customized estimate. 

Dates Available: Course is available all year. Please contact us for scheduling. 30 days advance notice is required to guarantee full-time training status. 

Course Materials: POH, charts, and ground training materials are available at additional cost.


  • Pilot must have a current FAA medical
  • Pilot must provide proof of citizenship (Passport or Birth Certificate) or TSA approval
  • Pilot must already be a FAA certified rotor pilot.

Payment: A promissory note or deposit and 30 days prior notice is required to schedule accelerated training. The Designated Pilot Examiner’s fee is due upon the commencement of the checkride and payable directly to the examiner.