Non-Member / Guest Rentals

A key goal of American Flight School is to make Rental Aircraft available to the aviation community. For that reason, American Flight Schools has developed a Non-Member rental program that enables Non-Members to get checked out on our aircraft and safety procedures.

Non-member use examples:

  • Mountain Flight Training
  • Aerobatic Flight Training
  • International and domestic pilots visiting and touring the United States
  • Short term Flight Training
  • Bi-Annual Flight review clients post Flight Review
  • Certificated pilots that only fly occasionally

Non-Member Rental Process:

  • Non-Members are required to fill out a membership packet
  • The personal / citizen information
  • Non-Members are required to pay an insurance premium of $25 prior to each rental.
  • Non-Members must bring Flight Certificates, Current Medical and log book
  • Non-Members are required to complete an American Flight School aircraft check-out prior to rental
  • Non-Members are required to make a deposit of $100 for non instructor reservations.
  • Non-Members are required to make a deposit equivalent to the instructors time for reservations with an instructor