About American Flight Schools

American Flight Schools are a group of like-minded flight schools and flying clubs working together to improve the industry as a whole while providing superior flight training and aircraft rental at better pricing. Companies cannot operate in isolation, especially in the aviation industry, which is why we began working together five years ago to build a network of aviation companies to improve best practices in general aviation and to grow the number of successful and competent pilots. After all, we see no reason why flying cannot be both fun and affordable.

Aviation is an interconnected ecosystem – a network of companies and suppliers working together to achieve success individually and as an industry. This is true whether the goal is to increase safety, improve public access to rental aircraft, increase profits, or to benefit our industry as a whole by improving our image and standing in the communities in which we operate. Aviation is a very difficult industry without collaboration and working together between vendors, competitors, and the industry as a whole.

When comparing best practices, everyone wins.

So, how are business partners finding ways to work together towards sustainable growth goals while remaining competitive? First, our network of non-competing facilities work together to decrease costs as a group. Second, each location makes a commitment to not only improve the success of our individual companies, but also to focus on improving the final result for students and the industry. Typically, our facilities increase growth while lowering costs, resulting in a lowering of prices which are passed on to our student pilots and aircraft renters.

Few industries are more dependent upon their vendors than the flight training industry. We emphasize using best practices from each location, growing the student population, retaining pilots as renters and improving safety. We focus on driving down costs while improving safety and student numbers. This has been the key to our success. Cooperation between vendors, airlines and competitors has been one of our main goals. Everyone wins, from the student, the vendor, the airlines, and the flight training facility.

The fundamental premise of American Flight Schools is that the cooperation among entities allows us to be more valuable together than separate.

Today, our network includes eight flight training facilities, six maintenance facilities, and an aircraft sales division. We look forward to continued growth and success in increasing the pilot population, resulting in a healthier general aviation industry as a whole.