Morgan Katnik

Morgan has been fascinated with aviation since early childhood. He started flying right after high school, and fell in love with tailwheel flying and aerobatics through his alma mater, MSU Denver. While working at a small FBO and flight school, Morgan earned his...

Tyler Lehmann

Tyler loves flying with all his heart and wants his students to feel the same way when they fly.  If you are looking for a passionate instructor to guide you through all of your certificates and ratings, he is the person that can make it happen.

Andrew Fisher

Andrew was born in Mexico City and moved to CO at 13 years old.  At the age of 21 he began the adventure of flying. Most of his flying has been aerobatics and tailwheel. As Captain of the MSU Aerobatics team, his passion for aviation, instruction, and safety is...

Noel Luneau

Noel has been a member of the club for five years and he specializes in Tailwheel and Multi instruction. He is a former SkyWest ERJ-175 pilot and has flown private jets for charter and corporations. He is also a Check Pilot with Civil Air Patrol.

Nick Slabakov

“I cannot believe they will let me fly an airplane by myself,” thought Nick in amazement when he moved to the US over 25 years ago. That amazement propelled his persistence to learn to fly, earn advanced ratings, and now to teach, whether his students intend to fly...