Donald (DJ) Buti

Born and raised in Colorado, DJ started his aviation training in 2020 after a friend took him up for his first “small” plane flight. He was instantly hooked on flying. DJ transferred schools so that he could train at Western Air where he earned his ratings. In his...

Dylan Wood

Dylan is a dedicated aviation enthusiast and instructor. He is more than willing to help you work through your training He will do whatever it takes to get you to where you want  in your aviation career.

Carl Gallaher

Carl is a Navy Veteran that flew in the back of P-3C Orions for 5 years and then he went to CSU for Construction Management. He worked for Mechanical Contractors for 10 years. He is now on his third career on his way to becoming an airline pilot. He looks forward to...

Daniel Fashbaugh

After attending college and living in the Pacific Northwest, Daniel returned to the Bay Area to begin flight training out of Livermore Municipal Airport. His joy from flying on various military and civilian aircraft led him to ultimately pursue a career in aviation....

Paul Ledoussal

Paul spent quite a few years working the ramp at Centennial airport before deciding to fly himself. He enjoys reading and the outdoors in his spare time.