Tyler Lehmann

Tyler loves flying with all his heart and wants his students to feel the same way when they fly.  If you are looking for a passionate instructor to guide you through all of your certificates and ratings, he is the person that can make it happen.

Ruvim Chegrintsev

Ruvim is an aviation enthusiast.  The only thing he loves more than wearing classic Ray Bans and bomber jackets is helping people achieve their flying goals and fulfill their dream of becoming a pilot.

Joe DiNapoli

Joe is currently a United Airlines pilot flying the Boeing 787 and previously the Boeing 737. Prior to joining United Airlines, he was at SkyWest Airlines for 10 years and flew the E-175 and E-120. He spent a few years with Ameriflight Cargo and corporate flying. In...

William Hallgren

William Hallgren (Billy) has always had a passion for aviation. He took his first discovery flight at front range airport in 2007. He graduated Metro in 2007 with an associates in aviation and he joined the Colorado Army National Guard as a UH-60 mechanic. He got an...

Eugene (Gene) Hudson

Mr. Hudson has been a pilot since 1977, and an instructor since 1987. He has logged over 22,000 flight hours, in over 100 aircraft types. His education includes an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and computer science, and extensive graduate work in...