Stephen Gilmer

Stephen fell in love with Aviation from a young age. His grandfather, Mel, was an airline pilot, instructor and check airman throughout his successful career in aviation. His passion for aviation was contagious and Stephen knew he’d follow in Mel’s...

Erik Cutshaw

Erik is the Assistant Chief flight instructor and a Gold Seal CFI, CFII, and MEI. He also holds an ATP license and flies a Cirrus Vision Jet for a charter operation. Erik specializes in advanced training such as multi-engine, instrument, and commercial ratings.

Ruvim Chegrintsev

Ruvim is an aviation enthusiast.  The only thing he loves more than wearing classic Ray Bans and bomber jackets is helping people achieve their flying goals and fulfill their dream of becoming a pilot.

Joe DiNapoli

Joe is currently a United Airlines pilot flying the Boeing 787 and previously the Boeing 737. Prior to joining United Airlines, he was at SkyWest Airlines for 10 years and flew the E-175 and E-120. He spent a few years with Ameriflight Cargo and corporate flying. In...

TJ Bruno

TJ is from Connecticut and moved to Colorado in 2018. He has a background in education which allows him to establish and maintain a great rapport with students and colleagues alike. With a love of aviation, TJ has worked in the industry for 3 years as an instructor...