Colorado Location Procedures

This is a challenging time, with quickly changing information and circumstances that requires us to have a flexible response. The health and safety of our members and staff is our utmost priority. In consideration of the current CDC recommendation, we will be implementing “modified after hour procedures” beginning Saturday, March 20th. All aircraft binders will be placed in the after-hours box. Current maintenance squawks and applicable times can be found on Flight Schedule Pro. Front desk staff will still be available by phone or email. Certified pilots are welcome to self-dispatch the aircraft from this box in the same way you would for an early morning or evening flight.

All flight reservations booked with an instructor will be checked out and checked back in by the instructors. Instructors will be required to input Hobbs, Tach time, Instructor time, and Squawks. Before you fly, it is your responsibility to verify the current aircraft tach time against the maintenance times in Flight Schedule Pro. These flight and instructor hours will be billed via student’s credit card on file the same way we bill early morning or evening flights. Make sure you input all instructional hours on FSP, If you are using distance learning opportunities track and bill your training on FSP as well.

All student solo flights are prohibited during this time except with the express written permission of the primary instructor, which must be relayed to management. Student solo flights must be scheduled with their primary instructor on the reservation. The student’s instructor will be available and dispatch the flight accordingly.

We have included a link to videos going through the checkout & check-in process. We think the App works best for the checkout process.

While the lobby remains closed, we will relocate the hanging file documents to the lounge and the documents as always are on the pilot resource page of our website. If you choose to use briefing rooms or the classroom space please wipe down the area before and after use- similar to what we have implemented for aircraft use. These precautions are not just recommended but are required for the health and safety of our staff and members.

Members who are not with an instructor but are qualified for the aircraft that they want to rent and who have all the proper documentation/credentials/endorsements on their FSP profile can reserve an aircraft as usual but will need to phone or email the front desk prior to their arrival so that the plane can be dispatched by our staff. A copy of the dispatch sheet will be emailed to them. They are expected to print it out prior to flying the plane, verify the starting times and maintenance reminders, and fill in the ending Hobbs/Tach times or any squawks as per our normal operations and then deposit the sheet in the after hours box where we have secured a depository for them. All Members are of course able to call the main office number with any concerns or questions. We are making every effort to staff the phone during normal business hours to respond to our customers needs. In addition, Members are encouraged to email the front desk with any information that they wish to relay and someone will respond to you in a timely manner.

We understand that these dispatch changes are new and will take some getting used to; however, they are necessary to continue to protect the health of our staff and customers. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we all adjust to these changes. We deeply value our employees and customers, and want to help everyone through this hard time by providing a safe and fun environment for flight training and flying.

The Flight Departments at Aspen Flying Club, Western Air Flight Academy, and Alliance Flight Training



We continue to take steps to make what we do safer. Today, we worked with our friends at Avidjet to get all Colorado based classrooms, offices, and aircraft disinfected. We will continue to have this disinfection service done at manufacture recommended intervals. We will all need to continue following the recommendations of the CDC, and this takes us a step further.