TD2 - "6 Pack" with G430 - Simulator - $29/hr

Trade Winds Aviation San Martin

The Redbird TD2 BATD (Basic Aviation Training Device) is the first table-mounted flight training device designed with the ergonomics of flight in mind. Traditional “desktop” flight training devices sit on top of a table or desk, causing the pilot to reach up for the yoke and to look unrealistically high for the gauges. The TD2’s unique mounting system allows it to be hung under the table, placing the yoke, switches, gauges and visuals in the correct and most realistic position for the pilot.

The FAA has approved the TD2 as a Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD). We are firm believers in simulation-centric training and we know the value of the TD2 far outpaces loggable hours. At the end of the day, we all want credit for our work.

Our TD2 represents a single engine piston aircraft. You can configure the aircraft as a retractable, complex, and/or high performance aircraft. It has a standard analog 6-pack panel with a Garmin GNS530 GPS and KAP 140 autopilot. Our TD2 comes with many valuable options including the 3-screen system, Redbird Aviation Headset Connect, Redbird RD1 rudder pedals and Cygnus Home Direct.

Airplane Specifications

Rate $29/hr


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