N70225 - Cessna 172M - $144/wet

Western Air Flight Academy - KCFO

N70225 is well-equipped with a Garmin WAAS GPS, coupled autopilot, and XM satellite weather. It is ADS-B compliant with the Lynx MultiLink NGT-9000 ADS-B Transponder.

Whether you’re a new student pilot looking to fly an affordable 180hp trainer, an experienced pilot working on an instrument rating, or just someone looking for a solid, well-equipped aircraft to take on trips, N70225 is for you.

For the new student, this airplane offers great performance. With its 180hp engine, you’ll get back up to altitude quickly after performing maneuvers, and you’ll get around the pattern faster for more touch-n-goes per hour.

Instrument students and pilots will appreciate the WAAS 530, coupled autopilot, and HSI. It’s equipped with all the equipment you’ll need to fly GPS, ILS, and VOR approaches like a pro. The instructor will appreciate the set of backup instruments on the right side of the panel.

And if you’re a pilot just looking for a great airplane in which to go places… look no further than 70225. This plane has everything you’ll need for short hops or long cross countries.

Airplane Specifications

  • Garmin 530W (WAAS Certified)
  • Garmin GPSMAP 396
  • Garmin GMA-347 Audio Panel
  • Music Inputs
  • S-Tec 30 Autopilot w/Alt. Hold
  • JPI EDM 700 Engine Monitor
  • Garmin GTR225 Com
  • Panel-mounted Garmin 396 GPS
  • Garmin G5 Heading Indicator with HSI
  • Garmin G5 Attitude Indicator
  • Built-In CO2 Detector
  • Lynx NGT-9000 ADS-B In/Out Transponder
Horsepower 180
Year 1976
Rate $144/wet
Max. Takeoff Weight 2,550 lbs
Fuel Capacity 42 gal
Useful Load 1,010 lbs
Cruise Speed 115 ktas 65% @ 10,000 ft
Est. Range 425 nm
Service Ceiling 13,500 ft
Full Fuel Payload 758 lbs

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