TouchTrainer VX BATD - Simulator - $45/hr

Aurora Flight Training

The FTS TouchTrainer VX is a high performance FAA approved BATD (Basic Aviation Training Device) desk-based flight simulator complete with all software, physical controls, and screens. With a total of five screens, three for the visual and two for instrumentation, you can maintain situational awareness without having to share a screen with the outside view. The TouchTrainer VX is the perfect tool to keep you a confident and safe pilot. The simulator enables you to practice emergency training, mission rehearsal, and procedure training, increasing your proficiency before getting into your airplane.

The TouchTrainer can simulate more than 125 individual aircraft, avionics, autopilot and systems combinations. This means performance, procedures, and proficiency learned in theTouchTrainer is directly transferable to the aircraft. With the TouchTrainer there is no such thing as generic aircraft simulation or performance.

Airplane Specifications

Rate $45/hr


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