N35EC - Cirrus Supercharged SR22 - $229/wet

Alliance Flight Training

The supercharger gives you almost turbo performance without the complexity, giving this aircraft sea-level performance even while flying at 6,000 ft.

This 2004 Cirrus SR22 has a range over 1,000 nm and max cruise of 185 kts TAS. Equipped with Avidyne Avionics, this plane also has Jeppesen CMAX charts, and portable oxygen for higher altitude flying.

Anyone wishing to fly N35EC needs to hold at least a Private Pilot certificate with an instrument rating, and have at least 250 hours total time and 50 hours High Performance. You will then have to complete a checkout with one of our Cirrus certified instructors. We estimate that will take about 10 hours (more or less; depending on experience). If you are already checked out in our other SR22, a brief checkout in N35EC will be required, since engine management with the supercharger is a bit different.

N35EC is available on the Alliance Flight Training Fleet for just $229/wet!

Airplane Specifications

  • AVIDYNE ENTEGRA PFD Primary Flight Display EX-5000
  • AVIDYNE ENTEGRA MFD Multi-Function Display EX-5000
  • L-3 SKYTWATCH Active Traffic
  • L-3 WX-500 Stormscope
  • E-TAWS (Enchanced Terrain Awareness System)
  • EMAX Engine & Fuel Monitoring
  • C-Max Jeppesen Chart Display
  • GARMIN GMA340 Audio Panel with 4-Place ANR Intercom
  • GARMIN GTX327 Transponder
  • STEC 55X Autopilot System
  • Flight Director
  • Altitude Pre-Select
  • Glideslope Coupling
  • GPSS Roll Steering
  • Standby Alternator
  • Secondary Battery
  • Avionics Master Switch
  • XM Radio w/Remote
Year 2004
Rate $229/wet


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