N1596R - Grumman AA5B - Tiger - $139/wet

Western Air Flight Academy

The bigger brother to the Grumman Cheetah, the Tiger is a 180HP version that increases climb performance and cruise speed. The agile airframe and sliding canopy make for a fun aircraft to fly.

Featuring dual Garmin G5’s, a Garmin 430 GPS, and electronic fuel monitoring, this can be used for both Primary and Instrument training.

Airplane Specifications


Garmin 430 WAAS

  • Dual Garmin G5 – Attitude and Heading Indicator with HSI
  • Digital Fuel Flow Gauge
Horsepower 180
Year 1975
Rate $139/wet
Max. Takeoff Weight 2,400 lbs
Fuel Capacity 51 gal
Useful Load 921 lbs
Cruise Speed 75% Power at 8500 Ft. 139 KNOTS
Est. Range 554 nm
Service Ceiling 13,800 ft
Full Fuel Payload 615 lbs

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