N143TU - Tecnam P-2010 - $169/wet

Bay Area Flying Club

Welcome N143TU to the fleet! The Tecnam P2010 is a beautiful Italian design highlighted by 4 seats, 3 passenger doors, 1 baggage door, and a  Lycoming 180HP engine. With a Carbon Fiber fuselage, metal wings, horizontal stabilator, and superbly balanced controls, you will discover unsurpassed stability. The P2010 is where performance and comfort meet in one outstanding IFR package. With it’s “clean sheet” design, the Tecnam gives you about 20 more knots than a 172 using the same engine. It makes for a great cross country cruiser for those day trips for lunch somewhere or a great weekend get away plane for you.


The Tecnam P2010 brings together an advanced technology all carbon fiber fuselage with a metal wing to deliver a superlative single engine, 4 seat airplane, designed by Italy’s most innovative Aerospace design ‘guru’ Professor Luigi Pascale.

Carbon fiber ensures smooth surfaces and allows for an elegance and styling you would expect from Tecnam’s Italian design team. Metal is used for the wing and stabilator to provide further strength and stability. The wing is based on the well-proven NACA63A aerofoil. Through partial tapering, the design brings it close to the optimal lift distribution (elliptical). The all movable type (stabilator) horizontal tail, a trade mark of all Tecnam aeroplanes, allows for excellent controllability and ‘hands off’ longitudinal stability.

Interior Details

Tecnam has always put the comfort for both pilots and passengers first.

This four-seater aircraft brings together an expansive cabin featuring ergonomic front and rear seats with exceptional legroom and a separate third entry door.

The wide composite cabin allows for a large instrument panel featuring G1000 with the integrated GFC 700 Autopilot and flight director.

Airplane Specifications

Garmin 1000
  • GTX – 345R ADS-B Transponder with In and Out Capabilities
  • Garmin GFC700 Autopilot
  • MT Constant Speed Prop
Horsepower 180
Year 2017
Rate $169/wet
Max. Takeoff Weight 2,557 lbs
Fuel Capacity 61 gal
Useful Load 855 lbs
Cruise Speed 75% power at 146 kts
Service Ceiling 12,000 ft
Full Fuel Payload 489 lbs

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