N112CR - 112TC - 189/Wet

Aspen Flying Club

N112CR is an excellent example of the Commander 112TC series. This stable and high performance aircraft has a low time airframe and engine and high-quality paint and finishes.  She has a great all glass avionics package, and an excellent leather interior not unlike that found in a new BMW. If you want a ready to go complex aircraft than N112CR is your choice for going on those personal or business trips.  “Safety, Quality, High Standard, Luxurious First Class Comfort, and Exceptional Design” defines this Commander.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                On the ramp the Commander’s rakish nose, towering tail, and upright stance set it apart from its dowdy-looking competitors. Likewise, its interior volume is closer to that of a cabin-class twin than other four-seat singles.  True to its government-contracting and military experience, Rockwell built into the Commander line big airplane touches when it comes to systems. The gear system, for example, is massively built with a trailing-link design, using a retraction/extension system based on an electrically driven hydraulic pump. This turbocharged version, dubbed the 112TC, has a carbureted 210-horsepower Lycoming TO-360 engine.

Airplane Specifications


Garmin GTN 750


Garmin G500

Garmin SL30 Nav/Com

STEC 55 Autopilot

JPI EDM 900 Engine Monitoring System

Horsepower 210
Year 1976
Rate 189/Wet
Max. Takeoff Weight 2,800 lbs
Fuel Capacity 68 gal
Useful Load 892 lbs
Cruise Speed 142 KTAS
Service Ceiling 16,500 ft
Full Fuel Payload 484 lbs

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